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June 2012 Training Update

2012 June 30
by Amaya Webster

The Asilomar meeting strongly underscored the need for more training, piloting, and outreach aimed toward the various communities interested in accessible images, including educators, publishers and others. The DIAGRAM Center has begun several initiatives in this area, some stemming directly from ideas coming from Asilomar.

General Training Webinars

The DIAGRAM Center is kicking-off a series of free, one-hour webinars to provide training in how to create digital accessible images, including tools, tips, tricks and resources.

The first webinar, Digital Accessible Math Images, will be held July 17, 2012 at 3 pm Eastern/12 Noon Pacific and will focus on creating accessible math images, giving participants a clear understanding of the end-to-end process of converting conventional math display into digital formats that can be accessed by students with print disabilities. Special attention will be given to thetools being created by the OSEP-funded DIAGRAM Center to facilitate image description.

Topics covered in this webinar will include:

·      MathML

·      Nemeth

·      Braille math

·      Spoken math

·      Tools for authoring and reading image descriptions

·      Research-based guidelines on describing STEM images

·      Approaches, techniques and resources for describing math images

This free training webinar, hosted by Bryan Gould of the WGBH National Center for Accessible Media, is highly recommended for anyone interested in accessible digital books including publishers, accessible media producers, teachers of the visually impaired, researchers and technologists. All experience levels are encouraged to attend.

To register follow this link:

The DIAGRAM Center’s next training webinar will be held in October 2012 and will focus on making complex images accessible.

Teacher Piloting

DIAGRAM Center Advisory Board members Lore Schindler (Los Angeles Unified School District) and Laurie Vasquez (Santa Barbara City College) are helping us get DIAGRAM’s tools into the hands of teachers and teacher trainers. DIAGRAM isalso fortunate to have Yue-Ting “Ting” Sui working with us this summer to lend her expertise regarding teacher training. Ting is an NLCSD Fellow attending the Joint Doctoral Program for Special Education at SFSU/UC Berkeley. She is a teacher of students with visual impairments from New York City, with experience in deafblindness, inclusion, and assistive technology.

Together, this training development team is planning several activities that will culminate in training for teachers in how to use DIAGRAM tools, such as Poet. The initial training will be used to help us pilot Poet with teachers in order to get feedback on their use in a classroom setting. This in turn can lead to improved tools or even new ones. Stay tuned for more from the teacher training group and let Anh Bui know if you want to get involved directly.

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