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Working Group Co-chairs Meeting Notes 10/16/12

2012 October 23
by Amaya Webster

Working Group Co-Chairs
Meeting Date: October 16, 2012

Content WG: Elaine Ober, Lucia Hasty
Standards WG: George  Kerscher, Mark Hakkinen
Tools WG: Gerardo Capiel, Geoff Freed
Standards WG: Julie Noblitt
Benetech:  Betsy Beaumon, Anh Bui

Group is most looking forward to:

  • Motivating working group participants
  • Having an impact
  • Creating a common understanding of standards
  • Providing the world at large with tangible evidence of what can be done
  • Involving outside stakeholders such as publishers in our work
  • Creating tools
  • Seeing everything coming together

Biggest questions:

  • How to motivate WG participants
  • Finding the time to get the work done
  • How to find out what tools exist already
  • Figuring out how to achieve our goals

Quarterly Meetings of the Working Groups:

  • Purpose: to  set and monitor goals. How well did we do in achieving goals set the previous quarter? What new or existing goals should be carried to the next quarter?
  • Schedule: Suggest that each WG pick establish their quarterly meeting dates for the year, in advance, to minimize scheduling conflicts throughout the year.
    • First meeting to be held in November, if possible.
    • Next meetings would then be in February, May, August, and November 2013.
    • Very handy tool for scheduling meetings with a large group:
    • Attendance: It’s unlikely everyone can make every meeting. Since WGs are large, decide what number you would consider to be a quorum for holding the meeting.
    • Managing the groups: Suggest assigning roles for each meeting. Roles can rotate , or the same person can do the role each meeting, however your group prefers to do it. Here are the roles you might want to consider:
      • Note taker – takes  written notes at each meeting. Commits to writing them up and circulating them to group members within one week of the meeting.
      • Facilitator – Prepares the agenda and overall plan for each meeting. At the meeting, the facilitator maintains focus on agenda. Makes sure all voices are heard.
      • Timekeeper –Periodically reminds the group frequently how much time is left for the discussion of a particular item.
      • Reporter – responsible for reporting to Advisory Board the key outcomes of the work and posting the meeting notes to the page set up for this on the DIAGRAM web site.

WG Meetings in Between the Quarterly Meetings:

  • It is likely that groups or subgroups will want to meet between th quarterly meetings in order to work on goals set during the quarterly meetings
  • Those meetings can consist of whichever subgroups of people are working on a particular goal
  • It may be useful to invite special guests or specialists to those meetings in order to further a goal.
  • For each of these meetings, please assign a note-taker and facilitator who has the responsibilities outlined above.
  • It is important to keep everyone informed of progress along the way in order to avoid duplication of efforts and take advantage of any synergies that might be possible between working groups.
  • Some working groups may want to meet at venues where most members would be present in person, such as Books in Browsers, CSUN, or the like.
  • We may  re-convene just the co-chairs in order to check in about how the working groups are working and share best practices.

Initial Priorities (topics more fully fleshed out in meeting notes from pair-wise meetings)

Standards Working Group:

  • Create a “level set” of understanding for whole group as to which standards we want to focus on and why they are important.  Identify people who have expertise and who may have influence in particular standards organizations . Monitor W3C.
  • Suggest symposia topics on R & D projects for W3C (Mark will do this)

Content Working Group:

  • Begin by concentrating on the sample book. Resource that could be accessed online. Identify a book that would lend itself to showing all the ways that images can be accessible.

Tools Working Group:

  • Have not yet had a pair-wise meeting to flesh out goals.
  • Julie to initiate meeting asap with Gerardo, Geoff, and Anh to do this.

Outreach Working Group:

  • Not discussed during call, but plan is to identify bloggers, newsletters, social media sites, conferences, and other venues where we could spread the word about what is happening at the DIAGRAM Center
  • Liaise with working groups to make sure we are aware of the most important news to promote from working groups
  • Communicate work of DIAGRAM Center for parents, teachers, and publishers

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