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Tools Co-chair meeting 10/23/12

2012 October 23
by Amaya Webster

Tools Working Group Co-chair meeting 10/23/12
Present: Gerardo Capiel, Geoff Freed, Anh Bui, Julie Noblitt

Goals Review

  1. Reference implementation of tools supporting accessible math, multi-modal accessible images, and content model so tools builders and content creators know what works
    1. content model: Readium, Poet, Toby
    2. Evangelize other reading systems implementing the content model
      1. IDEAL ePub 3 Reader
      2. Blio
      3. Apple
      4. Dolphin
      5. Humanware?
      6. DDReader (DAISY, not EPUB 3)
      7. ReadHear from Gh
    3. sample EPUB 3 with content model on from IDPF
    4. sample SVG with the content model
    5. sample MathML with content model?
    6. Readium support for described SVG and MathML
    7. Documentation on
      1. example of content model in SVG
      2. MathML
    8. need to consider other naming for “content model”
  2. Support for interactive accessible image widgets so we can inspire more smart image creation
    1. library of smart images
    2. need imagemap support in content model
    3. plugin model for Poet to support tools like an imagemap tool
    4. be able to find, download and share accessible image widgets / smart images via Poet?
  3. Enhance accessible math navigation and explore math manipulation and annotation so students can work better with math content
    2. discuss any additional standards needs for accessible / navigable math
    3. provide mechanism to share development work in this space
    4. need to consider whether to expand the group here with members of math working group.  considerations: neil soiffer of decision science
  4. Accessible Image Coverage checker for EPUB3 so content creators can tell if they are creating accessible materials
    1. track activity of IDPF work on epubCheck and interactive accessibility checker

November Workgroup Agenda

  1. Invite Math Working Group members, consider inviting Bruce Walker
  2. Prioritize based on Google Moderator (accessibility?)
    1. we prioritize in advance
  3. Create owners / subgroups
  4. Goals of group: Track, convenene/coordinate, evangelize and inform
  5. Doodle for setting WG group meeting date

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