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October 2012 Standards Update

2012 October 31
by Amaya Webster

Mostly quiet on the Longdesc front
From Geoff Freed

After a flurry of activity in September, October was relatively quiet in the realm of standards as they relate to accessibility. There was one follow-up to last month’s agreement to reinstate @longdesc in HTML5 until something better replaces it, and that was Charles McCathie Nevile’s extension proposal at .  This proposal doesn’t introduce anything new: its purpose is to basically restate the original model of @longdesc and then get that model back into the spec.  This approach will make it as simple as possible to get the proposal approved (in theory, at least).  When it is eventually supplanted by something newer and better, @longdesc will be removed.

New wiki includes accessibility standards
Many thanks to Gerardo Capiel for drawing our attention to a very interesting new wiki site that contains valuable documentation for developers about web standards for accessibility. This is worth a visit. See

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