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Outreach Working Group Meeting Notes 11/13/12

2012 November 16
by Amaya Webster

DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group Meeting

November 13, 2012


Anh Bui, Benetech
Larry Goldberg, WGBH
Brian MacDonald, NBP
Julie Noblitt, Benetech
Ting Siu, Berkeley
Jane Thompson, APH
Laurie Vasquez, SBCC

Jim Allan, TSBVI
Robert  Jaquiss, NFB
Lore Schindler, LAUSD

1. Review of Outreach Working Group Goals:

  1. End-to-end piloting of accessible image generation process,  from creation of image through publisher to end user, so everyone gets how we’re improving the process
  2. Library of training videos and demos so everyone has easy access to our info
  3. Reach out to authoring software tool makers to support adoption of DIAGRAM technology
  4. Field testing and piloting of all software created by DIAGRAM so we’re delivering quality software
  5. Clear articulation of goals, mission, and benefits so we can inform and inspire
  6. [on our radar] Comprehensive catalog of guidelines
  7. [on our radar] Other training opportunities and comprehensive training curricula

2. Field testing of DIAGRAM tools: Last week Ting trained 2 teachers in Poet and got great feedback. In-person training  is invaluable. Report forthcoming.

3. Tools needed for outreach: DIAGRAM is an R&D Center and as such is not funded for marketing, but clear and effective communication to key stakeholders and audiences is part of our remit. What does the group need to help tell the DIAGRAM story?

  1. Basic PowerPoint slide deck that explains what DIAGRAM is and why it’s important.
  2. A set of basic talking points that Working Group members can use when explaining what DIAGRAM does, either in casual conversation or as part of formal talks.
  3. Suggestion: Gather information about who has received 5-year STEM grants from the U.S. Dept of Education so that people and organizations who are working on the same goals have a way to find each other and possibly collaborate. Glinda may have this info.
  4. DIAGRAM needs help getting the word out about the teacher survey. See

4. Target audiences for outreach.

  1. Students (esp. STEM  either as future designers of accessible tools or instructors in the field)
  2. Authoring software tool-makers
  3. Assistive Technology professionals
  4. Amateur tool-makers (e.g. tactile images, 3-D models)
  5. Teachers
  6. Parents
  7. Publishers
  8. Policy makers (LEAs, SEAs, school admins, state Education Depts., national education leadership [DoEd, etc.])

5. Additional Outreach Working Group members:

  1. Would be great to have a parent and a student in the group. Suggestions?
  2. Outreach WG  is chaired by Julie – co-chair is sought. Suggestions?

6. Other: Digital image collection

  1. APH has a tactile image library
  2. DIAGRAM Content Working Group is also talking about a digital image library. A possible area for both WGs to consult.

7. Overall timeframes:

  1. We are half way through program year, which ends on April 30, 2013. Goal is to make visible progress toward our goals by that time.
  2. Meetings will be quarterly: February, May, August, November 2013
  3. Not everyone in Outreach WG will be at CSUN in February, so next meeting will be done by conference call.

8. Next steps and action items:

  1. DIAGRAM to draft talking points; WG to advise about how to tailor to audiences
  2. WG to suggest topics that should go on the blog and in  the newsletter, twitter feed.
  3. WG to register for the DIAGRAM Community Site at  Registration link in upper right.
  4. WG to suggest parent and student rep, as well as co-chair
  5. DIAGRAM to schedule next meeting for February 2013.
  6. WG to help get word out about teacher survey:
  7. DIAGRAM to explore intersection with STEM grant awardees
  8. DIAGRAM to create and share basic ppt slides and list of talking points for WG to use when communicating about DIAGRAM


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