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DIAGRAM Training: November 2012 Update

2012 November 30

Webinar recording, PowerPoint, Q & A summary now available
A closed-captioned recording of Bryan Gould’s October 30, 2012 webinar, “How to Describe Complex Images for Accessibility” has been posted on the DIAGRAM Center web site on the DIAGRAM Webinars page.  On that page you will also find a link to download the slide deck and a write-up of the lively Q & A session that followed the presentation. The positive feedback from participants on the quality of this webinar was nothing short of gushing. All of the nearly 30 written comments we received were enthusiastic. This one is representative:

“Outstanding. Bryan’s presentation covered many very important areas; the examples were right on the mark and the resources are also very useful. This is what a webinar should be! Bravo!”

It goes without saying, we are grateful to Bryan for creating such a valuable resource for our community. The next webinar will take place in the first quarter of 2013. Watch this space for further details.


Teacher pilot program for Poet
by Ting Siu
This fall we piloted Poet with teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs) in Los Angeles. Our one-on-one online trainings proved very successful with these teachers, and they are already actively using it with their students. Our next step will be to do more field testing in order to improve the tool based on teachers’ practical use in the field, and refining the end process for students’ use. Please look for a full report soon. In the meantime, please help spread the word to teachers about this brief survey, which will help us gather important data about teachers’ needs in this area:


Outreach Working Group kicks off
The inaugural meeting of the DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group was held on Tuesday November 13, 2012. The focus of this group is to advise the DIAGRAM Center on the development of outreach tools that our community members can use to communicate DIAGRAM goals and initiatives to the many stakeholders for whom our work is important. Initial products of this Working Group will include:

  • tailored sets of talking points that we can use when speaking to groups such as students, parents, teachers, AT professionals, policy makers, publishers, authoring software tool-makers, and others
  • a basic Powerpoint slide deck about DIAGRAM work that community members can draw on when preparing their own talks
  • collaboration with Content Working Group regarding a digital image library
  • field testing of DIAGRAM tools

The Outreach Working Group is seeking a Co-Chair, a parent member, and a student member. Please contact Julie Noblitt if you would like to volunteer to participate. Our next meeting will take place in February 2013 on a date to be determined.

Full meeting notes are posted on the Community site here:  Note: you must be a registered member of the site to view the notes. Please contact Julie Noblitt at julien[at] if you would like registration assistance.

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