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November 2012 Related Projects Update

2012 November 30

Testing and evaluation program from gh, LLC
by Wunji Lau

Editor’s note: gh, LLC is working on a subcontract for the DIAGRAM Center to create a tool called WAVES (Web-Accessible Virtual Electronic Scratchpad) that will enable students and teachers to easily type Algebraic equations.

The development of the math input interface under the DIAGRAM grant is only one part of a larger goal of fundamentally changing math education for blind students. Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Alabama, funded by an EAGER (Early Concept Grant for Exploratory Research) grant from the National Science Foundation, are developing a comprehensive testing and evaluation program for an online algebra course using the new math input interface. The primary objective of the EAGER grant studies is to evaluate how well these online tools contribute to the learning process of visually impaired students. The results of the studies will help educators, content creators, and software developers better adapt materials and tools to provide rich, usable content in a fully accessible format.

The team at gh, LLC, along with administrators and students at schools for the blind in Washington, Indiana, and Maryland, will aid in the implementation of the studies. Further contribution in analysis of the results will come from gh, LLC, the Carroll Center for the Blind, and the School of Education at Tel Aviv University.


DIAGRAM Center subcontracts status report
At the next Advisory Board meeting we will hear five-minute updates from National Braille Press, ViewPlus, Touch Graphics, gh LLC, and Richard Ladner on the progress of their research into ways to make it easier for content creators top make their products accessible from the start. The DIAGRAM Center is pleased to partner with these outstanding groups to explore solutions in audio-tactiles, image assessment tools, SVG production, QR codes for tactiles, and 3-D printing.


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