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Seeking publishers to interview

2013 January 31
by Amaya Webster

As part of its research activities, the DIAGRAM Center is conducting a series of interviews with content producers—including publishers, AIM producers, and others—to better understand the current practices and challenges surrounding image description and other alternative image production in educational books. The purpose of the interviews is to provide DIAGRAM and other interested agencies with more knowledge regarding the processes that go into creating educational content, in order to provide guidance for additional DIAGRAM activities. DIAGRAM may publish excerpts and conclusions from the interviews, and will anonymize comments from any interviewee who wishes to remain anonymous. We hope that by increasing our collective understanding of the process behind accessible content production and dissemination, we can produce better tools and more efficient processes.  This knowledge can also contribute to the creation of a strategy for moving from the lab into the marketplace and will take into account not only standards, technologies and operational processes, but also business models and political concerns.

If you know an educational publisher who would be willing to find an hour or so in the coming weeks to answer some straightforward questions (supplied in advance) with NCAM director Larry Goldberg and project manager Bryan Gould, please email bryan_gould [at] wgbh [dot] org.

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