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May 2012 Product Matrices Update

2012 May 25
by Amaya Webster

The DIAGRAM product matrices — evaluations of DTB hardware and software reading systems, DTB authoring systems, e-book hardware and software reading systems, and image-authoring software — have recently been edited and reorganized, and are now in the process of being updated.  In all of the data tables, columns have been removed or combined in order to make it easier to learn what types of image descriptions can be included in electronic publications and delivered to users.  New columns indicate whether or not authoring systems will permit authors to include various description types, such as alt, longdesc, prodnote or others, and whether reading systems will recognize and read aloud these or other description types.  Coming during the month of June are product updates as well as the addition of new reading and authoring systems. If you have additional suggestions for the product matrices, please contact Geoff Freed or Anh Bui.

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