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DIAGRAM Year 3 Activities

2012 May 25
by Amaya Webster

May 1, 2012, was the first day of DIAGRAM’s official Program Year 3. The June meeting in Asilomar will play an enormous role in setting the strategic direction for our activities for the remaining three years of the OSEP award. In the meantime, activities already being targeted for year 3 include:

  • Interviews with content creators such as publishers and AIM providers to better understand their workflows and how DIAGRAM’s tools, standards, and guidelines can fit into them
  • Additional software development activities that forefront the increasing importance of EPUB 3
  • More training, including webinars on description and other DIAGRAM activities
  • Continued active work with standards bodies such as IDPF, W3C and NISO
  • Follow up research activities, including updates to the product evaluation matrices
  • Completion of the awarded subcontracts

It’s great to have so many of us coming together June 13-14 at Asilomar, an event that will truly kick off the next wave of our activities.

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