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Images and Fashion

2013 February 27
by Amaya Webster

Images and Fashion

DIAGRAM may have an ally in the fashion industry. According to a fascinating piece on NPR recently about fashion hackathons, the two most important tech innovations for fashion are: 3-D printing and image search. “Right now, the search is word-based, and more and more, search is becoming image-based,” [Liz Bacelar] says. “So, we’re going to see browsers, we’re going to see websites that we can go to and add an image, and be presented all the images that look just like it.”

We may also need to keep an eye on Barbie. Thanks to Glinda Hill for pointing us to this new web site from Mattel composed almost entirely of images. Mattel has found a way to offer up a virtual Barbie along with a seemingly infinite clothes closet – but is virtual Barbie accessible?

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