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April 2012 Research Update

2012 April 25
by Amaya Webster

NCAM has produced two new reports on current relevant technology. The first report is on the results of a reading device survey conducted in February to help DIAGRAM better understand what technologies are being used currently by blind and visually impaired readers. Most of the 230 respondents were blind and employed, retired, or in school. For every category of reading material, the same five reading technologies dominated the responses, with screen readers leading the way. The full results of the 10-question survey are available on the DIAGRAM web site at this link:

Last year, DIAGRAM issued a working paper on the use of image description metadata for accessibility. NCAM has also now updated that report with a 2012 addendum covering new developments in the past year, including the new DIAGRAM content model and tools. The addendum is also available at the DIAGRAM site at this link:

We would be very interested in your feedback on both reports, especially as we consider follow up activities in DIAGRAM Year 3.

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