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DIAGRAM Out and About: March 2013 Update

2013 March 28


    • The excitement among those gathered for our first annual DIAGRAM Office Hours was palpable as members of our Advisory Board, Working Groups, and technology partners gathered in the Benetech hospitality suite for spontaneous exchange of ideas and camaraderie around our shared goals. We were especially excited that OSEP’s Glinda Hill, DIAGRAM’s program officer, was able to join us. Given the great success of this gathering, we hope to make it an annual event.
    • We really didn’t expect sell-out crowds for an 8:00 a.m. event, but it was definitely standing-room only for Anh Bui, Dave Schleppenbach, Neil Soiffer, and Ed Summers’ panel session, “Latest Developments in Math Accessibility.” Participants squeezed in every available space (including the floor) to hear the latest developments in new tools that make graphical math images accessible. I heard more than one “woohoo!” as voiced math applications were demonstrated. This panel clearly filled a need. We understand that about 20 people tried to come in but were not able to fit. Next year: a bigger room! In the meantime, we have a home-made video of the session that we are happy to share. Send a note to julien[at]benetech[dot]org if you are interested in access to the recording.
    • When Pete and Nancy Torpey of “Eyes on Success” (the weekly audio program for people living with low vision) were looking for highlights from CSUN, they selected Betsy Beaumon, George Kerscher, Larry Goldberg, and Rick Johnson’s panel, “Born Accessible: Inclusive Publishing.” Hear the seven-minute interview with Betsy about the work of the DIAGRAM Center, beginning at minute 7 of this podcast. As Betsy says in the interview, it was great to meet so many colleagues at CSUN who care about image accessibility and who can use the tools that DIAGRAM creates to make a real difference to those with print disabilities.

Upcoming Events:

Tactile Graphics Conference: April 12-13, 2013 – Baltimore

      • Anh Bui will speak: “What’s New – The DIAGRAM Center for Accessible Images & Graphics”
      • Other speakers include: Lucia Hasty, John Gardner, Joshua Miele, and Steven Landau

Future Publishing and Accessibility: June 13-14, 2013 – Copenhagen

    • George Kerscher will moderate: “The users: Who will guarantee accessibility for them in the future?”
    • Markus Gylling will speak: “The technology: What will the future of mainstream publishing look like?”
    • Betsy Beaumon will moderate: “The market: Facing and discovering new business models”

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