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DIAGRAM Advisory Board Meeting 4/24/13

2013 April 24
by Amaya Webster

DIAGRAM Advisory Board Meeting

Date: April 24, 2013

Attendees: Laurie Vasquez, Helen Popper, Geoff Freed, Larry Goldberg, George Kerscher, Lucia Hasty, Madeleine Rothberg, Brian Mac Donald, Jane Thompson, Bryan Gould, Gerardo Capiel, James Allan, Jim Fruchterman, Lore Schindler, Betsy Beaumon, Sue-Ann Ma, Ike Presley, Elaine Ober, Jim Downs

  1. Updates from Working Groups (WG Co-Chairs)

    1. Content

      • accessible images sample book is major proejct

      • Suzy Haines will be project manager for the book

      • Touch Graphics/Lucia Hasty offered use of 30 images

      • first image has been selected

      • Rick Johnson of Ingram has joined the group

      • Steve Landau to be in touch with Gerardo about authoring tools

      • Gerardo: should consider OERPub authoring tool for creating the authoring tool (BookType is the other one, they are also working with OERPub)

    2. Outreach

      • 4th webinar in series is happening tomorrow: Best Practices for Integrating Accessible Images for ebooks and dtbs; 100 people registered

      • working on slideware and talking points; done most of the work on teacher student audience

      • looking to create a 1-2 minute video that shows the story of DIAGRAM

      • Laurie: would be great for introductory video for training faculty

    3. Tools

      • Poet work is proceeding

      • Readium open source code available: web and sdk

      • @longdesc reinstated as an extension in html5; it is in development now and should be done in working groups in next 4-5 months; not redefining longdesc but providing a stable reference

      • longdesc now supported by NVDA and ChromeVox extension

      • Mozilla in voting process to extend longdesc support to all users instead of just ppl using assistive technology

      • accessibility metadata group released spec for

    4. Standards

      • w3c probably forming interest group on publishing; not yet officially launched yet

      • Markus Gylling is going to be one of the co-chairs

      • Lore: educause has listserv group on etext; can we align and share information

      • EPUB 3.0.1 moving toward ISO; balloting has started in ISO and comments have come in so there is long list of issues we are tracking and working group is meeting every week

      • in EPUB, you have to have html documents in the spine, now it is currently possible to have only an image in that html document so the comic book and manga publishers have been doing this; what they are proposing is allowing just images in the spine instead of html 5 without the alt text or longdesc option and we will be under 3.0.1 introducing long desc; this is the most controversial item the working group has encountered so far

      • there is feature yet to be defined called rendition mapping with image + reflowable version; some distributors may say that they will not allow titles that are image only or rendition and will only go with epub

      • george: is this an opportunity to introduce metadata on accessibility that is part of the package so that for discoverability and verification of accessibility claims could declare something as image only; can this be built off and lrmi

      • apip and mapping to aria (new values) and how that’s going to work; standard widget library of quizzes and tests; development will start under readium sdk (foundation) so that javascript routines will be accessible; library of routines inside epub

      • ACTION: George and Gerardo follow up with standards working group; others with input should post feedback to a11ymetadata and w3c vocabularies list

      • ACTION: Gerardo to send out more information

      • content model adoption in epub3 discussion has not taken place yet; current proposal to have epub spec reference external semantic elements; timeframe is probably next 60 days

  2. Update on subcontracts and feedback (Anh)

    1. these projects have proposals in the works

      • Ting Siu: 3D printers in schools study

      • Steve Landau and Touch Graphics (with Lucia Hasty, Josh Miele, and Ting Siu): templatized description guidelines tool

      • Ed Summers and SAS:  smart image collection in EPUB3, probably a world atlas

    2. Two new pontential projects emerged since the last Advisory Board meeting.

      • Mark Hakkinen and ETS: collection of haptic images optimized for Readium in Android

      • Wolfram: accessibility features for CDF format and best practices for interactives. More about CDF available here:

      • questions: what is the relationship of this format to open web platform? what is relationship to smart image accessibility?

    3. these projects do not yet have partners identified

      • MathML TTS via MathJax: we are in preliminary discussions with MathJax and are awaiting their steering committee meeting to learn more about their priorities

      • Image accessibility add-ins for authoring tools like Word: no good leads available on this yet

      • ACTION: Laurie to contact someone from Microsoft

  3. OERPub Accessibility Sprint (Anh)

    • OERPub authoring tool sprint with Shuttleworth and IDRC being planned for May 20-21, build in accessibility authoring tools into OERPub

    • lots of excellent partners, may be able to use it to springboard significant work in open source authoring tools.

    • We are looking for more developers! If you are interested (or know someone who is), please fill out this survey:

  4. Report on Publisher interviews (Larry Goldberg)

    • Bryan and Larry had conversations with publishers to ask about workflow, challenges, and wishlists around image accessibility

    • report coming about interviews (anonymized) in the next few weeks

    • supports born accessible concept

    • common themes: a lot of work being done in mainstream world and a lot of care an interest in making images accessible; they want to do the right thing esp with standards; epub 3 and accessibility built there has enabled advocates to do more than they have before

    • folks mentioned mathml and html5

    • one publisher mentioned chemml

    • profileration of standards causing some concerns about interoperability

    • absolutely interested in tools; many of them knew about poet and thought tremendous; would like to see poet-like capability built into the tools they are already using; would like to see in own environments and processes

    • best time to get accessibility in is from the very beginning in author stage; but authors are diverse crowd

    • would love more training on image accessibility training

    • would like access to more accessibility expertise and how to figure out which rules to follow

    • will also talk to a major image repository

    • elaine may have indirect connections to image repository

    • ACTION: let Anh know if you have contacts who want to be interviewed

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