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April 2013 Software Development Update

2013 April 30
by jnoblitt

Tools Working Group
Co-chairs Gerardo Capiel and Geoff Freed will hold the next regular meeting of the Tools Working Group in May on a date to be determined. The group is expected to shift focus this meeting from subcontract ideas to resume the regular agenda. Please let Gerardo or Geoff know if you have ideas to contribute for next month’s discussion.

We now have a Reference Wizard that is being tested, which provides brief examples that illustrate some of the examples used in the NCAM description guidelines. Also in development is an image-search tool that references the image descriptions during the search process, as well as capability to add image descriptions to EPUB 3 documents.

There are now two open-source code bases available from Readium:

  • Readium Web, which is an EPUB 3 renderer for browser-based reading devices (e.g., Bookshare Web Reader). It currently voices annotations which were converted from <prodnote> in DAISY to <aside epub:type=”annotation”> in EPUB 3 documents.
  • Readium SDK, which is an EPUB 3 renderer for stand-alone devices; it provides native code for iOS and, soon, for Android SDK.

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