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DIAGRAM Out and About: April 2013 Update

2013 April 30
by jnoblitt

Benetech at Google I/O
Gerardo Capiel and some of his engineering team will attend the Google I/O 2013 Conference at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, May 15-17. We expect to see many DIAGRAM Community members there too, including T.V. Raman and Josh Miele. Many event sessions will be streamed from the Moscone Center via Google Developers live @ I/O. Follow @googleIO on Twitter for updates.

DIAGRAM at VDRDC Conference
by Anh Bui

The VDRDC convened its Second Annal Description Leadership Network Conference on Video Description in March. Numerous DIAGRAM community members—including Larry Goldberg, Bryan Gould, Gerardo Capiel, Betsy Beaumon, Ting Siu, Steve Jacob, and Anh Bui—were on hand for an impressive array of demos and discussion. Also OSEP funded, the VDRDC  is dedicated to “developing advanced video annotation methods for use in a wide variety of educational settings, as well as helping educators and other description providers make better use of the tools already available.” Attendees of the meeting saw a demo of YouDescribe, its new platform for annotating video, which will be unveiled this month at Google I/O in San Francisco.

Some of the most interesting discussion came out of the issues surrounding crowd sourcing of video description, such as intellectual property, training, and efficacy research. As  DIAGRAM has also investigated these questions as part of the challenges around accessible images, it’s clear that we have much to share and learn from each other. We look forward to continuing to come together with VDRDC and the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute to keep building, testing, and releasing tools for collaborative accessibility.

DIAGRAM at Tactile Graphics Conference
The NFB’s first-ever tactile graphics conference was held in Baltimore April 12-13, 2013.

  • Anh Bui presented: “What’s New – The DIAGRAM Center for Accessible Images & Graphics”
  • Other speakers included: Lucia Hasty, John Gardner, Joshua Miele, and Steven Landau
  • Elaine Ober, Ed Summers, and Mark Hakkinen were also in attendance

The crowd of about 150-200 attendees represented a good mix of technologists, practitioners, teachers, and end-users. Just like at CSUN, Anh had another standing-room-only crowd, and got great feedback from teachers and practitioners about DIAGRAM initiatives, especially in the realm of math. Notable themes: haptics and 3D printing; accessible math; open access repositories of tactile images. Were you there? Reply to this post and let us know what your impressions were.

DIAGRAM at Future Publishing and Accessibility: June 13-14, 2013 – Copenhagen

  • George Kerscher will moderate: “The users: Who will guarantee accessibility for them in the future?”
  • Markus Gylling will speak: “The technology: What will the future of mainstream publishing look like?”
  • Betsy Beaumon will moderate: “The market: Facing and discovering new business models

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