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July 2012 Training Update

2012 July 20
by Amaya Webster

Accessible Digital Math Images Training Webinar

More than 60 people joined us online on July 17 for a DIAGRAM webinar on Digital Accessible Math Images, led by Bryan Gould of NCAM. A recording of the training and the Powerpoint sides are available at the DIAGRAM site at this link: We had a diverse audience, including teachers and assistive technology providers as well as publishers and technologists. There was clear interest from the group in learning more about MathML as well as more about production processes. People who did not hear about the webinar in time to attend are emailing the DIAGRAM site requesting a video, so we know interest in this kind of material is high. We’re surveying attendees for ideas on topics to cover in the future and how to improve the training. The DIAGRAM Center’s next training webinar will be held in October 2012 and will focus on making complex images accessible.

On Aug. 8, Anh Bui of DIAGRAM and Fred Slone of Bookshare will give a webinar through the Equal Access to Software and Information group. This session will cover the free tools and standards that the DIAGRAM Center is developing, including Poet. It will also cover how Benetech’s accessible digital library Bookshare is using DIAGRAM’s work to make image descriptions available in the collection. Follow the link to register for the August 8th Webinar.

Teacher Piloting

As noted above, the ad hoc teacher training group has issued a teacher survey in preparation for developing training materials to pilot the use of Poet in the classroom this fall. The training will focus initially on using Poet to aid high school and higher ed instruction. The Poet pilot will give us an opportunity both to test the tool in real-world use cases and get feedback on possible improvements, as well as provide a test of the training materials themselves, which we will roll out more widely depending on the results of this preliminary pilot.

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