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June 2013 Standards Update

2013 June 27
by Amaya Webster

DIAGRAM partners contribute to GAAP guidelines
Submitted by Madeleine Rothberg

The Guidelines for Accessible Assessment Project (GAAP), led by the Maryland State Department of Education, is developing content-based guidelines for the representation of Common Core State Standards test items in audio and sign form. DIAGRAM partners from WGBH’s National Center on Accessible Media (NCAM) are participating to help shape the guidelines for image description and audio representation of math and English language arts assessments. The project web site includes the current draft guidelines and some example items showing possible approaches to describing images that will be tested with students in cognitive labs. Note that the examples are intended for testing with students with some vision — these particular descriptions are not meant for students who are non-visual. Your comments or feedback are welcome, either to bryan_gould [at] wgbh [dot] org or directly to the project staff at gaap [at] measuredprogress [dot] org.

Standards Working Group Update
The Standards Working Group met on June 20, 2013 to discuss the fast-breaking discussions this summer on content standards supporting image accessibility. See the notes from that meeting here. Please contact co-chairs George Kerscher and Mark Hakkinen if you have ideas to add to the next meeting agenda. The next meeting will likely be held in August 2013 on a date to be determined.

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