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Bookshare Reader Survey Reveals Interesting Data About Images and Reading Tools

2014 January 31
by Amaya Webster

At the end of 2013, the Global Literacy marketing team at Benetech conducted a Bookshare Reader Survey whose goal was to determine which technologies Bookshare members use to read their digital books. The 2,218 respondents included Bookshare members, parents, teachers, and trainers. In addition to the extremely useful information about which tools Bookshare readers use to access their books, the survey also captured information about Bookshare users’ desire and ability to read image descriptions with their preferred reading tools. Of the 2,182 respondents to the image-related questions:

  • just under 20% (429) said that their reading tools were capable of reading image descriptions; 48% (1,058) said they did not know, and 32% (695) said no.
  • of the 80% without access, or who did not know if their tool had access to image description reading capability, 65% (1,150) said they wished that their reading tool could read detailed image descriptions.

At the DIAGRAM Center, our goal is the close this gap between the desire and the ability to obtain accessible images. We are looking forward to doing further analysis of these fresh and valuable survey results to see what correlations can be made, if any, between reading tools and users’ ability to access image descriptions. Bookshare plans to conduct the Reader Survey annually, and so we hope to be able to benchmark progress in future surveys. Stay tuned!

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