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March 2014 Standards Update

2014 March 31
by Amaya Webster

ARIA Now a Full W3C Recommendation
Submitted by Geoff Freed

The W3C announced in March that ARIA 1.0 was finally released as a full W3C recommendation.  For those who like to read specifications, go directly to ARIA 1.0The ARIA Implementation Guide is also of great interest for Web site authors and application developers.  The Implementation Guide provides advice on how user agents should support and respond to various ARIA states and properties.  On the other hand, if none of this makes sense, go read the ARIA Overview.

Next up will be ARIA 1.1, now in FPWD (first public working draft) status. A primary new feature of this recommendation will be a new description property, aria-describedat, which will be the long-awaited and eventual replacement for HTML’s longdesc attribute.

Standards Working Group Update
The DIAGRAM Standards Working Group will hold its last quarterly meeting of the program year in April 2014 on a date TBD. Please contact co-chairs George Kerscher and Mark Hakkinen if you have ideas to add to the next meeting agenda. See the Standards Working Group wiki for past meeting notes.

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