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July 2012 Research Update

2012 July 25
by Amaya Webster

DIAGRAM Product Matrices

The DIAGRAM product matrices have undergone another helpful round of updates by Geoff Freed at NCAM. With the latest updates, Geoff has provided additional insight into how readers handle things such as tables and lists within the <prodnote> field currently being used to capture long descriptions in DAISY Books. (So far, readers do not appear to aurally render this type of mark up within <prodnote>.) This information will help us better understand what current capabilities are and suggest more areas for us to push forward on. A few more readers have also been added to the review list, including Read2Go. The product matrices will continue to undergo new updates.

Audio-Tactile Graphics Usability Study

Under a DIAGRAM subcontract, ViewPlus is beginning a study of audio-tactile graphics (i.e., text-tactile graphics) usability in order to develop authoring guidelines for the creation of quality audio-tactile graphics via digital files. The project will soon begin recruiting approximately 20 testers and providing them with tactile graphics. In response to feedback at Asilomar, John Gardner of ViewPlus notes that they’ll also look at the possibility of adding young students to the pool of testers, rather than exclusively work with adults. For adult testers, they are preparing a selection of tactile infographics from the USA Today newspaper.

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