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Benetech Receives IMLS Grant for National Forum on 3D Printing for Accessible Education

2014 October 9
by Amaya Webster

We are extremely excited to announce that the Institute of Museum and Library Services has now awarded Benetech a 2014 Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant to hold a National Forum on the intersection of 3D printing, libraries and museums, and accessible education. This year-long project seeks to define how existing and upcoming 3D printing programs in libraries and museums across the country can help overcome technology and resource challenges so that 3D printing can be applied to improve STEM education for students with disabilities. The National Forum, tentatively scheduled for Spring/Summer 2015, will:

  • bring together 30+ experts in these fields to survey and understand existing efforts
  • design an effective partnership model with key stakeholder groups, and
  • propose effective metrics for additional projects in this area.

In addition to holding the forum, we’ll create a few resources, including a Quick Start Guide for educators and maker spaces, and a small collection of 3D printable models optimized for classroom use.

The next steps for this project will include putting together an Advisory Committee that will help us work closely with the library, museum, and maker communities as well as set the agenda for the National Meeting. We hope to engage many of you soon in the discussions ahead. We are excited to grow our community of stakeholders and keep pushing for better ways to make sure all students get the educational materials they need. As always, stay tuned!

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