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Tactile Graphics with a Voice wins “Best Student Paper” award

2014 October 30
by Amaya Webster

Earlier this year we reported that Richard Ladner’s DIAGRAM research was completed on a tool that converts image labels into a QR code that can be affixed to a graphic, allowing the image to be read and voiced by a smart phone. A paper has now been published about the work, which is part of the Tactile Graphics Project at the University of Washington. The paper is available as open access until early October 2015 and after that it is closed in the ACM Digital Library. Retrieve it here:

Catherine M. Baker, Lauren R. Milne, Jeffrey Scofield, Cynthia L. Bennett, and Richard E. Ladner. 2014. “Tactile graphics with a voice: using QR codes to access text in tactile graphics.” In Proceedings of the 16th International ACM SIGACCESS conference on Computers & accessibility (ASSETS ’14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 75-82.

The paper was awarded Best Student Paper at the ASSETS 2014 conference this month. According to Dr. Ladner, a version of the iPhone app TGV to help read QR-codes will be in the App Store soon, and an updated version with a finger pointing feature should be in the store in a couple of months.  Congratulations to Richard and his team!

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