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Re-introducing the Content Model: “The Diagrammar”

2014 December 30
by Amaya Webster

“What is the Content Model, anyway?” we are sometimes asked. As those in the DIAGRAM community know, it provides a structured, standard way for image description data to be modeled, including multiple different types of descriptions for each image, teacher annotations, and pointers to tactile graphic files. Even though this model is used “under the hood” for content architecture and strictly speaking doesn’t require “branding,” we have long wanted to rename it so that it more intuitively conveys what it does and why it is important. We are therefore delighted to officially announce a new name for it: Diagrammar: A Framework for Making Images and Graphics Accessible. “Diagrammar” works on a number of levels – it has “diagram” in it, and it has “grammar” in it, and it suggests action!

Many thanks to George Kerscher for leading the charge, to Robin Seaman and Bryan Gould for taking the creative lead on brainstorming names, and to Gaeir Dietrich, who served as liaison from the DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group to help out with the renaming process. The Diagrammar web page has been updated to reflect the change.

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