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3D Printing for Accessible Education: IMLS Award Update

2014 December 30
by Amaya Webster

Submitted by Lisa Wadors, Project Lead

In October we kicked off the start of the 3D Printing for Accessible Education grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences.  We have just concluded the formation of the advisory committee and will have our first planning meeting this January.  Members of the committee represent a variety of educators, researchers, museums, libraries, technologists and organizations that support people with disabilities. All are leading the field in 3D printing for education. The committee will focus on the planning of a National Forum and help assess, explore, and collaborate around innovative 3D-printed learning tools, particularly for STEM education. Committee members will serve as liaisons to their respective communities to help us better understand their specific opportunities, needs, and challenges around 3D printing. Send your questions about the 3D Printing for Accessible Education project or sign up for updates by emailing us at <3D [at] benetech [dot] org>.

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  1. February 8, 2015

    Are 3D printers make lives easier, especially to create a mold for mass production.

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