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Goodbye and thank you!

2015 September 30
by Amaya Webster

As I embark on my leave next month from Benetech to finish my degree program, I would like to thank all the fabulous members of the DIAGRAM Working Groups and all of the DIAGRAM Center followers who have never ceased to inspire me with your dedication, passion, creativity, innovation, and shared purpose toward creating a world where all students have an equal opportunity to learn.  I’d like to especially thank the Working Group chairs George Kerscher, Geoff Freed, Mark Hakkinen, Elaine Ober, Lucia Hasty, Jim Allan, and Kevin Yang who have cheerfully responded to all my requests for updates, reports, newsletter items, proposal ideas, and more things too numerous to mention over the last several years. You have all, individually, and as a whole, been an inspiration to me.  I have learned things from all of you, and will take with me the fondest of memories of my time with the DIAGRAM Center. As this Community (yes, with a capital “C”) embarks on the exciting road ahead I will be following the news and cheering you on.  I can’t wait to see what the next five years will bring!

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