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September 2015 Training and Outreach Update

2015 September 30
by Amaya Webster

Webinar on Accessible Math for Ebooks Using MathML Cloud

On July 15, 2015 the DIAGRAM Center hosted a webinar for 129 people on DIAGRAM’s new tool, MathML Cloud, now in Beta version 1.0.  Leading the webinar were Sanders Kleinfeld, Director of Publishing Technology at O’Reilly Media, and Sue-Ann Ma, Product Manager on the Math ML Cloud project here at Benetech. O’Reilly Media is a leading publisher in technology books who have integrated MathML Cloud into their eBook production workflows. Sue-Ann and Sanders provided participants with a walkthrough of MathML Cloud’s key features, and demonstrated how MathML Cloud works and how O’Reilly Media has used it to save 5-10 hours per book for math-heavy titles!  If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, you can find a closed-captioned recording of the webinar, download the PowerPoint slide deck and read a transcript of the Q & A session at: You can also try out MathML Cloud for yourself at


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