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Update On DIAGRAM Tools Working Group

2016 March 11
by Amaya Webster

Meeting Update

The DIAGRAM Tools working group held its quarterly teleconference on February 10, where Sue-Ann Ma led a discussion about the upcoming Math Sprint to be held at CSUN on March 22, 2016.  This event will assemble technical experts to discuss open-source resources for improving the accessibility of math, and also to talk about the direction that the DIAGRAM community may want to take with respect to the resources.  The working group discussed various approaches for the focus of the event, including server-side production tools, protocol handlers, browser support for various types of input, and braille support.  Watch this space for information about the results of the sprint.

Staffing Update

In other news, Geoff Freed has decided to step aside as the current chair of the DIAGRAM Tools working group.  “It’s election season,” explained Geoff.

 “What better time to announce my self-imposed term limit?”


A photograph of Geoff wearing a blue wig and dark sunglasses.

The always serious Geoff Freed

Luckily for all of us, while Geoff will be stepping down as chair, he will still continue to participate as a Tools Working Group member.

Taking over for Geoff will be Charles LaPierre, DIAGRAM’s Technical Lead. He is excited to carry on Geoff’s legacy, saying, “With the extension of the DIAGRAM grant beyond accessible publishing and images, and expanding into other disability areas, we are at a pivotal time and I’m looking forward to helping continue the work and impact that Geoff and the Tools group have begun!”

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