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2017 April 8

eBooks and EPUB Accessibility, NFB Conference

March 23, 2017, Baltimore, Maryland

  • George Kerscher gave the Keynote address, “Ushering in the Born Accessible Era” in which he discussed how the EPUB Accessibility Specification 1.0 will help publishers ensure their content is born accessible. He also reviewed what it takes to meet the minimum baseline for accessibility and explored how the certification of born accessible material can impact education.
  • Brad Turner presented a session titled “Toward a Born Accessible World”. His slides are available for download here.
  • Rick Johnson, a DIAGRAM community member presented a session called “An Update on What is Possible”.
  • Sue-Ann Ma presented a session titled “Content Beyond Text: Making Images Accessible”.
  • Amy Mason, also a DIAGRAM community member, presented a session called “Choosing a Reading System: Your Silent Partner in Accessibility”.

Editor’s Note: we will update this post if and when more slide decks become available for download.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Annual Convention and Expo

April 19 – 22, 2017, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Lisa Wadors presented at the CEC annual convention and expo, which is one of the biggest special education professional development events of the year. Her session “Access to the General Curriculum Through Innovative Technology Solutions” explored accessible technology, tools and programs to increase accessibility and access in the K-12 classroom.
  • Lisa Dieker, who is a member of DIAGRAM’s General Advisory Committee and Technical Subcommittee, presented a session titled, “Transforming Schools and Classrooms for the Future: Infusion of inclusive Practices and Technology”. Her presentation focused on practice ideas to transform schools and classrooms in the areas of technology, inclusion and high learning outcomes.

NISO Virtual Conference

May 17, 2017

Charles LaPierre will be giving a thirty-minute presentation on accessibility titled “Convergence: The Web and Publishing On the Web”. His talk will explore how publishing is more web dominated than ever and what that means for accessibility.

IMS Global Conference

May 17, 2017, Denver Colorado

George Kerscher will be presenting two sessions, Impact of the EPUB Standard on Accessible Course Materials and Accessible Content and Publishers: I’m on the Right Track, Baby I Was Born this Way! Both sessions will focus on moving forward with the Born Accessible movement, with the second taking a deeper dive and exploring “Buy Accessible” and “Find Accessible” as well.

Better Together Conference

June 28, 2017, The Hague, Netherlands

  • Brad Turner will be presenting on image description.
  • George Kerscher will be speaking during the closing plenary session on how to help delivery of born accessible material.

W3C DPUB Working Group Meeting

June 22-23, New York

Charles LaPierre will be attending the first meeting of the new digital publishing working group meeting. He will be reporting on that in our August newsletter.

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