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What the Working Groups Are Working On: 4 Things You Probably Don’t Know, But Should

2017 August 29
by Amaya Webster

One: Standards Working Group Update

By George Kerscher

Extended descriptions are near and dear to the hearts of the DIAGRAM community and we (the DIAGRAM Standards Working group) have made advances on the extended descriptions front. Currently, in Aria 1.1, which is also expected to become a W3C recommendation early in 2018, we have an attribute called “aria-details.” This attribute can take an ID of an element on the page and provide the mechanism to associate the extended description of the image, figure, or any other HTML element. We envision this to be used in combination with the HTML “details” element.  We have developed a series of examples that demonstrate the usage, and while the examples are not polished, you can still get a good idea of where we are headed by visiting:

We’re also continuing to develop recommendations for math in EPUB and on the web. Stay tuned for a list of examples.

Two: Developers Working Group Update

By Charles LaPierre

During the DIAGRAM Strategic Planning meeting, the Working Group decided to have bi-monthly meetings to keep the momentum going.  We currently have two task forces under the Developers Working group, Drag and Drop and MathML in EPUB. Now that those are both going strong, we will kick off an additional two more Task Forces that fall under the Developers Working Group’s domain. The first has been named “Thinking Outside the Box” and will help with identifying as many areas as possible that currently limit access to educational materials for students with a variety of disabilities. Identification will focus on disabilities not traditionally associated with print disabilities such as cognitive and physical impairments. The second task force is to make data visualizations accessible and fits in with our commitment to exploring the application of new markup languages for accessible STEM content such as ChartML and ChemML. As always, if any of this work sounds like something you would like to participate in, we welcome new members. Feel free to email Charles for more information on joining.

Three: Data Visualization Task Force Update

By Charles LaPierre

The DIAGRAM Center is creating a new Task Force under our DIAGRAM Standards Working Group called “Data Visualization Task Force.” Our goal is to find common ground on how we can make an open standard and/or best practices around accessible data visualization. The Task Force will meet once a month or every other month depending on the group’s availability and time constraints. If this sounds like work you would be interested in participating in, please fill out this Doodle poll which will help us schedule the first meeting. We are very excited about the potential for this group and where the work will take us.

Four: Content Working Group Update

By Amaya Webster

The big news for the Content Working Group is the finalization of the updated charter. The key mission of the charter is to connect with the other working groups to make sure the work they are doing is made available through real world examples with instructions on how to implement it. The Content Working Group will also work on building out Imageshare, test 3D content delivery with gh, explore visual storytelling tools with Gallaudet and produce at least one example and/or resource around accessible audio-visual content with closed captioning and audio descriptions for video. The group is also in the process of forming two sub-groups, one to further explore ways in which interactive materials can be made accessible and another to delve into the accessibility needs of people who are Deaf and hard of hearing as well as ways to increase visual literacy. If the work of this group is something you would like to be involved with, new members are always welcome. Contact Amaya for more information.

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