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Poet: New and Improved Interactive Image Description Training

2017 August 30
by Amaya Webster

After much anticipation, our revamped Poet Training Tool is now available! In recent months, we have received invaluable feedback from countless members of the DIAGRAM Center community. For those of you who might be less familiar with it, Poet was originally designed as a mechanism that enabled volunteers to provide crowd-sourced image descriptions for critical diagrams found in educational texts. We know that getting image descriptions in text books is critical to a born accessible work flow.  But to really drive more accessible content for students with disabilities, we needed to provide publishers and other content creators with the right tools to make born accessible books a reality. After running numerous image slams we realized what they really needed was technology for better, scalable training for writing descriptions.  So we are thrilled to be unveiling Poet like you’ve never experienced it before, a training tool to provide users with interactive exercises to determine “when to describe” and “how to describe” images, as well as an opportunity to apply these guidelines and “practice describing” their own content.

Please take our new training tool out for a spin and/or help to share this resource with the community of practitioners.  There are Provide Feedback links sprinkled throughout the site to share thoughts about this new tool. And stay tuned for additional features to be added in the coming months and stories from publishers about how Poet is making a difference!


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