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2017 November 27

Here is a list of recent and upcoming places the DIAGRAM team and DIAGRAM community members have attended or presented at. Do you have an upcoming engagement you’d like to share? Let us know and we will include it. info[at]diagramcenter[dot]org.


Accessibility Camp Bay Area is a participant-driven event, where participants help shape the schedule by suggesting topics of interest when they register. These topics range from focusing on users with different disabilities, sessions on digital accessibility topics from the web (technical to tactical), desktop software, mobile apps, eLearning, online gaming, open source innovations, and everything in between. This year Deanna McCusker, head of user experience at Benetech, and Charles LaPierre, DIAGRAM technical lead, both attended, along with numerous other DIAGRAM community members. Read a write up of Charles’ experience here.

  • DAISY Board Meeting (October 24–26, Baltimore, MD)

Members of DIAGRAM and the Benetech team presented Benetech’s work on the Global Certified Accessible initiative.

ITC Conference (October 27th, Washington DC)

The ITC Conference is a two-day symposium with a heavy focus on accessibility testing, automated and manual testing, and WCAG 2.1.  George Kerscher and Charles LaPierre presented “Accessibility Standards Around EPUB,” Benetech’s pilot program for certification and Benetech’s Global Certified Accessible initiative.


  • TPAC Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee (November 6-8, Burlingame, CA)

This huge meeting brings together W3C technical groups, the Advisory Board, the TAG, and the Advisory Committee for an exciting week of coordinated work, face-to-face meetings and discussions. This meeting is widely attended by DIAGRAM staff members and community members. The DIAGRAM Center hosted a happy hour for meeting participants, the DIAGRAM community and the DIAGRAM team. The energy was high and it was a lovely way to kick off TPAC and a week of publishing Working Group meetings and joint meetings with CSS, HTML, and APA (Accessible Platforms Architecture).

  • Publishing Summit (November 9 -10, Burlingame, CA)

The publishing summit was a great opportunity for DIAGRAM to further explore personalization and showcase our Born Accessible work. Charles LaPierre met with the ARIA Working Group to discuss setting up a new framework to semantically mark up content to make it more accessible by personalizing the content to suit the users’ needs. George Kerscher presented on accessibility standards in publishing and showcased the ACE tool for automatically checking EPUBs for accessibility.

  • Webinar on the First Annual DIAGRAM Report (November 13)

Hosted by the DIAGRAM Center, DIAGRAM report writers Lisa Wadors, Senior Program Manager: Education, Research and Partnerships, and Charles LaPierre presented on the six new technologies the report focused on, the opportunities discovered, the challenges uncovered, and the key takeaways. Don’t worry if missed the live webinar. A closed-captioned recording of the webinar will be made available on our website in the coming weeks.


  • Webinar: Guidelines for Creating Accessible Ebooks, (December 5)

Charles LaPierre will be presenting for the Access for All Challenge.

  • Webinar: Born Accessible Certification, (Dec 14)

Robin Seaman and Charles LaPierre will present on Benetech’s Born Accessible Certification work at this free DIAGRAM-hosted webinar. We will post more details about the webinar along with registration information soon.

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