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Update On Data Visualization: A Developers Working Group Sub-Committee

2017 December 22
by Charles LaPierre

The Data Visualization Sub-Committee was formed a few months after the DIAGRAM Strategic Planning Meeting that was held in June.  The group, chaired by Doug Schepers of Fizz Studio, is searching for the best examples of data visualization accessibility support. They are evaluating different examples to determine what is accessible and where the gaps are, so they can determine where to focus their energy.

The initial focus will be on techniques that work in today’s browsers and screen readers using existing ARIA roles, properties and focus management, and using keyboard navigation on static data visualization documents. The secondary focus will be on interactive data visualization documents including “brushing” and drill-down. In a later phase, the group will look at extending standards where necessary to provide rich semantic data visualization documents for techniques that can’t easily be done using today’s standards and AT behavior.

Currently, the group is searching for examples of data visualizations and recording them in a shared Google doc.  Next, we will determine which ones are accessible and open, what gaps exist, and where the group might help make accessible solutions. In 2018, the group will consolidate and document best practices on how to approach data visualization for users of AT. The end goal is to create a shared understanding of accessibility techniques for data visualization and to extend state-of-the-art techniques for creating accessible data visualizations.

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