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Update On Drag And Drop: A Developers Working Group Sub-Committee

2017 December 22
by Charles LaPierre

The Drag and Drop Sub-Committee is chaired by Jason White of ETS. The group explores how to make dragging and dropping content when using a computer more accessible. The group has been creating two resources, one that categorizes different drag and drop methods, ranking them as easy, medium or hard. The second resource contains descriptions of each interaction and documentation on solutions for making the various types of drag and drop interactions accessible. So far, the interactions involve counting, sorting, eyes free, and drop locations.  The group will be sharing these documents with the DIAGRAM community as soon as they are ready for general review. Also on the group’s radar is a new feature from Apple. The release of iOS11 has some advanced drag and drop components with a new concept of a drag session that has piqued the group’s interest. Time permitting, they hope to explore how these new features might be applied to web-based or EPUB-equivalent implementations.

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