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Why We Love Standards (And You Should Too)

2017 December 22
by Charles LaPierre

Huge news from the standards world: ARIA 1.1 has become a W3C recommended standard! This means that there is finally a clear solution on how to create extended descriptions for things like images, tables and diagrams on websites, making internet use more accessible than ever. And that’s not all. There is also another new recommended standard, the Digital Publishing Module, to expose the semantically marked-up parts of a book previously hidden to the end user. For those not immersed in the standards world, the big deal about this is that it means a reader using assistive technology will be able to identify where they are in the book and can easily navigate between various sections. It’s hard to believe this wasn’t possible before, so this really is a huge win for everyone. To make sure it has the greatest possible impact, DIAGRAM will be working with the Publishing Community Group to ensure that the next version of EPUB will by default use these latest ARIA and HTML recommendations. A big congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in making this happen!

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