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The Age Of Born Accessible Content Is Closer Than You Think: Here’s Why

2017 December 22
by Charles LaPierre and Amaya Webster

Have you ever wished that there was an easy way for you to not only know if your digital content is accessible, but also how to fix the parts that aren’t? Or maybe you’ve wished that there was a simple and fast way to know if the digital content you wanted to read was accessible? A DIAGRAM community member summed it up when he stated: “I’ve been waiting for this since 1990.” Well, guess what, the wait is finally over! Benetech and DAISY have teamed up once again to bring you a suite of services to make creating and finding Born Accessible content easier than ever before. DAISY has developed Ace, an open source accessibility checking tool, that performs a variety of automated checks to evaluate conformance to the EPUB Accessibility Specification and the rules defined in WCAG, ARIA, and HTML. It produces a list for the manual checks that need to be performed, as well as data visualizations to aid the process. The tool is currently in the last stages of beta development with full release slated for the end of January, 2018.

Benetech has leveraged the work DAISY did and created a consulting program that just finished a successful pilot. Through this program, Benetech works with publishers and reviews their EPUB files, advising them on their accessibility compliance, offering consolation when accessibility isn’t compliant, offering ways to fix said accessibility issues, and then publicly certifying the files as being accessible. We like to think of it as giving them the Benetech Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!

The pilot program concluded this past October and involved us reviewing forty files from ten publishing partners. It was truly a fascinating experience to do a deep dive into publishers’ files and engage with them about their accessibility strategy. In addition, it was extremely satisfying to see how they incorporated our suggestions into their content and created truly born accessible materials.

Now that we have completed a successful pilot, we are ready to dive into an in-depth review process and accredit publishers as being accessible once they’ve proven their process consistently produces fully conforming files. Starting in January, we will meet with more publishers and pitch this program. We’ve already reached out to our international DAISY friends to see who might be interested in joining us in this endeavor, and we have commitments from the RNIB, Dedicon in the Netherlands, and Vision Australia. If you would like to be a part the program please contact Charles LaPierre, Benetech’s Technical Lead for Born Accessible at CharlesL[at]Benetech[dot] org, or Robin Seaman, Benetech’s Director of Content Acquisition at RobinS[at]Benetech[dot]org. Look for an upcoming blog  post with a close-captioned recording of the webinar Robin and Charles recently did work that provided an in-depth review of the pilot and the results.

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