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Outreach Working Group

2018 February 28
by Amaya Webster

The Outreach Working Group has started the year off with tons of energy! Since their reintroduction at the beginning of January 2018, they have identified key stakeholder groups and begun to document the top tools and resources available to the seven groups, which are:

  1. Parents
  2. Students
  3. Educators
  4. Researchers
  5. Technologists
  6. Policy and standards implementers
  7. Publishers

The group has also implemented a new reporting system for each of the DIAGRAM working groups to assess progress made toward deliverables and align stakeholder populations with the deliverables. The Outreach Working Group and the DIAGRAM team are still identifying the best way to share the results of this reporting, and we welcome your suggestions. Send feedback to Amayaw[at]benetech[dot]org. Finally, the busy Outreach Working Group has identified the need to develop canned talking points to help everyone share the work of the DIAGRAM Center. The group plans to address this last deliverable later this year.

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