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Standards Working Group Update

2018 May 14
by Charles LaPierre

The Standards group is working on perfecting the section in the Advanced Reading test suite for including extended descriptions in EPUB and on the web. This new advanced book for extended image descriptions will be tested on multiple reading systems using different combinations of assistive technologies. The results of these tests will be recorded at, and based on these results we will update our best practices on how to include extended image descriptions. The group already has an improved recommendation for doing extended descriptions and updated the Accessible Image Sample Book to reflect these changes. These updates will continue to evolve as the results of our testing best reflect what the reading systems can support. 

 And if that wasn’t enough, the Standards Working Group has also been working closely with their Math in EPUB subgroup to create a math-based EPUB file that will be added to the Advanced Reading Systems test suite. The group will also help evaluate how various reading systems display math given the guidelines developed by the Math in EPUB subgroup mentioned above. Results from these tests will not only be distributed to publishers via the site, but also added to DIAGRAM’s Math Support Finder tool. This is a huge breakthrough because this is the first time we are close to a universal solution for reliably displaying math online and in EPUB files. A huge congrats and thank you goes out to the Math in EPUB subgroup and Standards Working Group for making this all a reality!  

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