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Mathshare (formally Math Editor)

2018 August 31
by Amaya Webster

To align and brand our “Math Editor” with other Benetech products (i.e., Imageshare and Bookshare), we recently renamed the tool Mathshare. This quarter, we conducted product testing sessions with various students and teachers to better support learners with dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD, limited working memory, and challenges with fine motor skills. The feedback was, once again, very positive, and also gave rise to new ideas and feature enhancements for making the tool more usable and inclusive for a broader range of learners. These past months, we were also fortunate to receive additional support from funders to continue our efforts towards developing an inclusive math tool for learners (read about the related press release). Plans for the upcoming quarter include an updated front-end interface and architecting a back-end that will allow students to revisit their work over multiple sessions.

Contact if you’re an educator interested in trying out the new tool or would like to partner with the DIAGRAM team to pilot Mathshare with your students in the coming school year.

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