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The 2019 DIAGRAM Report Update

2019 June 5
by Lisa Wadors and Charles LaPierre

The 2019 DIAGRAM Report is well underway! For those unfamiliar with our annual report, it is a compilation of input gathered from renowned experts in the community to highlight some of the most promising technologies and trends changing the educational landscape for students with disabilities in the United States. This year’s report will focus on multimodal interactions, personalization, accessible computer science, data visualization and sonification – the use of sound to convey information found in previously inaccessible content (e.g. a bell curve).

Although we have previously written chapters on multimodal interactions and personalization, the technology is moving so fast that it is necessary to continually provide updates on the latest advancements. Additionally, we also have discussed coding in previous reports, but the DIAGRAM community felt it necessary to include an updated section on accessible computer science since it is a growing field, for which we need to ensure that persons with disabilities have the opportunity to participate.

Since charts and graphs are generally a challenge for people with disabilities to access, especially those with vision impairments, we will explore ways that data visualization and sonification can be used to access the information provided in these images.

The 2019 DIAGRAM report has an expected release date of  August 31, so make sure to check back for the announcement of when it has been published.

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