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Working Group Updates

2020 May 8
by Amaya Webster

Standards Working Group

The Standards Working Group met several times this quarter, focusing on the development of two new test books: an advanced image description test book and an advanced mathematics test book. The goal is that these books will offer publisher recommendations on how to add math and extended image descriptions accessibility into their content. The group developed content for the image test book and planned for completion and testing in the coming months as well as testing on the advanced math book.


Tactile Working Group

The group continued work on developing an expanded, interactive decision tree that helps users determine the best method for making tactile images accessible. The platform will allow users to answer questions about their objectives with the image in question, and they ultimately receive feedback on whether they should use image descriptions, a 2D model, or a 3D model. A prototype of the interactive interface has been created, and content for the updated tree has been drafted.


Research Working Group

The DIAGRAM Research Working Group is being restarted once again under the talented guidance of Dave Edyburn. This time around the working group will be exploring the areas most related to the work of DIAGRAM, specifically around the need and uses for Mathshare and Imageshare. There will also be space for forward looking research. Look for an announcement of the group’s reformation next month and stay tuned for more information on group specifics and of course, how you can get involved!

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