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Working Groups

2020 September 3
by Amaya Webster

Standards Working Group

The group spent Q2 and Q3 working on the accessible math in EPUB test book and the advanced image description book, along with user testing for both initiatives. As the testing concludes, DAISY will be writing a report on current best practices on math, chemistry, and extended image descriptions. They will also provide a forecast of what to look for in the future based on the two test books and work done by the accessible chemistry task force.

Tactile Working Group

As mentioned, the tactile working group was instrumental in the production of an interactive image decision tree. The group worked diligently during Q2 and Q3  to expand on the framework of the original decision tree, which focused purely on image descriptions, and provided final copy for two new branches of the tree with built-in options for tactile graphics and 3d models.

Research Working Group

The research working group was revived late in Q2. Chaired by Dave Edyburn, the group has met once so far and will meet monthly moving forward. Objectives and deliverables are being finalized and will be listed in the Q4 report.

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