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Welcome to the DIAGRAM Center Community Site

2012 July 25
by Amaya Webster

Welcome to the DIAGRAM Center Community site, dedicated to helping the DIAGRAM community stay up to date on DIAGRAM doings and happenings so we can get more done together. Postings to this site are collated monthly into a convenient email for DIAGRAM community members to read and share. You’ll find the blog posts are categorized into General Announcements, and posts about Content, Tools, Standards, Outreach, Research, and Related Projects. This organization is meant to help you find the activities you are most interested in and follow their progress.

Using the blog, the Advisory Board, Working Groups, and ad hoc groups will also be able to keep the whole community informed about progress. Use this site to:

  • view blog posts and public pages without logging in
  • contribute and comment so that we can share information as easily as possible (You’ll need to log in to do these things.)
  • get email notifications if you want to get the latest updates fast

As always, all feedback is very welcome!

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