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DIAGRAM Out and About

2012 July 25
by Amaya Webster

Inclusive Publishing, June 8-9, Baltimore, MD

Madeleine Rothberg of NCAM brings us this brief report:

The Inclusive Publishing conference, co-sponsored by the DAISY Consortium and the National Federation of the Blind, was held on June 8 and 9 at NFB’s Jernigan Institute in Baltimore, with many DIAGRAM project participants at the podium or in the audience. (If you have items to share from the conference that aren’t mentioned in this brief overview, please send them in so we can include them in the next newsletter.) The theme of the event seemed to be: everything is possible. There were demos of authoring tools, reading platforms, e-commerce solutions, dedicated devices and mainstream hardware. All the pieces are in place to turn the mainstream publishing industry into an inclusive publishing industry. Accessibility of images was highlighted in several presentations, including Sarah Herrlinger’s demo of authoring an accessible book using iBooks Author, Betsy Beaumon’s talk on the DIAGRAM project, and presentations from David Schleppenbach, of gh LLC and Ed Summers of SAS on access to complex content including charts, graphs, maps, and other STEM materials.

The complete program, and a downloadable collection of some of the presenters’ materials, are available at:

Diagrams 2012: The 7th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams, July 2-6, Canterbury, UK

Lucia Hasty spoke at the Accessible Graphics Workshop as part of the Diagrams conference in the UK and sent the following report:

Diagrams is an international interdisciplinary conference series, covering all aspects of research on the theory and application of diagrams. Diagrams provides a united forum for all areas that are concerned with the study of diagrams, including architecture, art, artificial intelligence, cartography, cognitive science, computer science, education, graphic design, history of science, human-computer interaction, linguistics, logic, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, and software modeling. The conference is attended by a large number of researchers from these related fields, positioning Diagrams as a major international event in interdisciplinary research.

Sixteen long papers and 6 short papers were presented during the main conference July 3-5. The research reports those 3 days were focused on findings using sighted subjects. Learning about issues and learning processes of sighted individuals provided interesting insight into the same issues and processes of blind or visually impaired learners.

The 4th day of the conference was focused on Accessible Graphics: Graphics for Vision Impaired People. Twelve papers/projects were presented this day, divided into sections: Experience/Practice, Perception, and Technology. Very interesting discussion periods followed each group of presentations. The theme that permeated most of the discussions was the importance of multi-modal access to diagrams.

Our DIAGRAM project was presented. Many people expressed interest in POET and said they looked forward to watching our progress on the website.

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