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November 2012 Software Development Update

2012 November 30

Poet image description wizard
We continue to work on the “image description wizard” for Poet, which more clearly integrates the NCAM description guidelines so that describers in Poet have easy access to the specific instructions that might be useful to them. We have a working version of this new feature up and running for internal testing, and will be refining it in the next few weeks. We have also worked on making a few features more robust based on feedback from field testing.


DIAGRAM Tools Working Group
The DIAGRAM Center Tools Working Group had its inaugural meeting on Friday, November 30, 2012. Notes will soon be posted on the Community site. Between now and the next quarterly meeting, co-chairs Gerardo Capiel and Geoff Freed will identify subgroups to work on action plans for the ideas discussed during the meeting. We are looking forward to the Group’s guidance and advice as we continue to develop software solutions that support accessible math, smart images, widgets, tactiles, and other tools that will help create accessible educational materials.

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