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December 2012 Related Projects Update

2012 December 31

DIAGRAM Advisory Board: January Meeting

The date has been set for the next DIAGRAM Advisory Board Meeting on January 7, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time. We will discuss the progress of the newly formed Working Groups and hear updates from National Braille Press, ViewPlus, Touch Graphics, gh LLC, and Richard Ladner on the progress of their DIAGRAM subcontract work. We will also solicit ideas for the next round of subcontracts and discuss what lies ahead for the coming quarter.


OSEP 3 + 2 Review of DIAGRAM Center in January

Betsy Beaumon, Jim Fruchterman, and Mike Sharpe (our external evaluator) will be in Washington D.C. on January 15, 2013 to present a DIAGRAM progress report to a special OSEP-convened review panel. The 3 + 2 Review is normally conducted by OSEP during the third year of a five-year award in order to assess what has been accomplished so far and affirm that plans for the final two years of the award are in accordance with the intended goals.  It’s a significant milestone, and we are looking forward to this opportunity to more formally demonstrate the impact we’ve had and the exciting plans we have for the remaining years of the award.


Math and Tactile Graphics Working Groups

With the launch of the new Content, Tools, Standards, and Outreach Working Groups, some of you may be wondering what the status is of the existing Math and Tactile Graphics Working Groups, whose members did such valuable work in this past year. The answer is that the groups remain intact in a consultative capacity. That is, they do not hold regular meetings, but may be called upon by other groups when needed as new projects emerge that require their expertise. In point of fact, many of the members of the Math and Tactile Graphics Working Groups have already joined one (or more!) of the new Working Groups. We are delighted, and encourage anyone who would like to join one of the new groups to please do so. To see the current list of members of all the Working Groups, please visit

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