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Content Working Group Meeting 12/5/12

2012 December 31
by Amaya Webster

Content Working Group Meeting
December 5, 2012

Elaine Ober, co-chair
Lucia Hasty, co-chair
Steve Landau, Touch Graphics
Bryan Gould, WGBH NCAM
Ed Summers, SAS Institute
Steve Noble, METRC Study, U of OR, video description
Julie Noblitt, DIAGRAM Community Manager
Robin Seaman, Dir. of Content Acquisition, Bookshare
Betsy Beaumon, Benetech

Ike Presley
Ron Stewart
Josh Meile
Jim Allen

Welcome and Roll Call: Elaine Ober
Meeting Flow today: Time Keeper: Elaine, Notes: Lucia

Time Frame:
We are currently half way through the grant year. Should plan to show some significant accomplishments by end of April 2013

Item #1: Single book/brochure explaining DIAGRAM concept with 10 sample accessible images that have been comprehensively treated so others have tangible examples of what we’re trying to facilitate. Have to determine:
1) who is the audience?
2) what formats/production methods will be included?
3) what images will be included (& from where)?
Need to identify different people within the group to handle different aspects of this project.

Julie added that all of the other working groups are anxious to have a sample/example book for their work.

publishers and their eco-system (distributors, conversion vendors, other retail partners)
TVIs and content specialists throughout school districts
in-district materials producers
end users (customers)
reading tool makers

Formats/production methods to be included
You tube video for how to access the book
Sample files that publishers can see what it looks like
Elaine: Pearson believes accessible e-Pub3 is the current answer
Deliver the booklet as an accessible ePub3
Bryan: do a prototype of 1 example book to figure out a process to do it
Betsy: a sampler with a wide range of book types from different publishers
Robin: “less is more”- one or two page example

Bryan: Exemplar would have all the explanatory materials about the project.
Robin: broadest possible application

Lucia: Need to ID what alternate formats will be in the example booklet

Volunteers for a sub-group to look at the kinds of questions that publishers will want info for:
Steve L.: will volunteer to produce examples
Steve N.: Proof of concept- make sure it is MathML
Ed: Need to look at how the examples will be used. Check with TVIs in addition to
Jim Allen

What content types to be included:
Steve N.
Jim Allen

What narrative info should be included (outline of what needs to be included, then assign people to write each section)

Elaine will poll group about CSUN meeting.

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